This Music Kills Fascists

This Music Kills Fascists was a streaming mp3 audio server playing an eclectic, alternative, subversive mix of music. We were online from November 2002 until June 2007, when we went off the air for technical reasons. At that time, a decision was made by the station management to end the service rather than attempt to rebuild it again and return to broadcasting.

When we first launched the station in 2002, not everyone had iPods yet, and streaming music stations were about the only way to listen to music online rather than just downloading songs and listening to them on your computer. Our goal was to bring a more diverse selection of music than many other streaming stations, while placing an emphasis on both quality of the encoding and compression, as well as stream and server reliability to provide a first-rate listening experience.

In the end, we think we did a pretty good job, but over time, it became harder and harder to maintain the system and ensure reliability. We did a major technical overhaul in 2005, which helped us out for the next couple years, but the reality is we were still using software which was years old and barely maintained by its creators. When we suffered another hardware failure, we decided that the alternatives to old school streaming music stations like ours had advanced to a promising point where it no longer made sense for us to continue.

So what are those alternatives you ask? Well, we'd like to suggest that our listeners migrate to one or more of, Pandora, or Slacker. These all require the Adobe Flash plugin and play from your browser rather than streaming from your regular audio player. Below are some embedded players and links to stations on all the services based on the music we used to play on This Music Kills Fascists.

Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! You can send us email to <> or contact us on AIM as thismusickills.